15 Bedded Drug De-addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre (DDC)

This center was started in the year 2000 at Tirupati, A.P. with an aim to Drug Abuse Prevention (substance Abuse) among drug addicts, alcoholics and other substance abuses and also to treat the Drug Addicts. Tirupati being a big pilgrim town it attracts a wide range of daily wage earners and migrants. It has also several colleges and Five Universities. There is every possibility of some communities to become vulnerable groups. In view of the existing situation PASS had established a Drug De-Addiction Center. The services of the Centre are to counsel and provide treatment to the Drug Addicts and to create awareness about prevailing laws related to drug abuse. The project activities include awareness about the effects of drug abuse, law, case studies, counseling, treatment, different therapies, support services and referral services. The Project Director, Counsellors, social workers, psychologist, ANM, a peer educator and part time Medical Officer and Yoga Therapist are technically managing the DDC.

During the period 2010-11 PASS – DDC has provided its services to 377 intake clients. The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (MSJE), Govt. of India is supporting this project.

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