HIV/AIDS Care & Support – Balasahyoga Project

Started in 2010 with the financial support from the Family Health International (FHI), and CARE and Clinton Foundation is to facilitate Health (HIV Testing, Anti Retroval Treatment(RTI), Opportunity Infections (OI), Tuberculoses (TB) Education (Awareness, Life skills education etc) Psychosocial Support (counseling, stigma reduction & dissemination activity, Behabioural Change Communications (BCC).


To address the area of Nutrition the Project supports Food security in the farm of double ration, Nutrition education and growth monitoring a safety net is the strategy adapted for Livelyhood support and Vocational training. The project covers 2500 households belonging to Mandals (33 Blocks ) in Chittoor District. Andhra Pradesh, India.

He project interventions covers both the infected and affected target group.

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