HIV/AIDS Prevention – AVAHAN Project

Started in 2005 and providing outreach services which include information, Education and Communication (IEC), Behavioural Change Communications (BCC), Condom promotion (CP), Sexually Transmeted Infections (STI) Clinical services, Networking & Linkages, Advocacy, capacity building, Community Based Organisation (CBO) Management and referral to ICTC, ART, DOT, CCC services covering High Risk Population Female Sex workers (FSW), Men having sex with Men (MSM) and Injecting Drug Users (IDU) in Tirupati & Chittoor (9 Mandals), Andhra Pradesh, India. Around 3500 High Risk, Vulnerable FSW, MSM, IDUs are being covered. The Objective of the Avahan Project is to reduce (Half & Reverse) HIV/AIDS among High Risk through Targeted Interventions. The Project is being managed by the qualified, trained, experienced outreach, clinical & administrative staff. India HIV/AIDS Alliance is providing Technical & Financial support.

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