Old Age Homes (OAHs) (Savatapalle & Kammapalle)

To address the area of geriatric care PASS had established two Old Age Homes at Savatapalle & Kammapalli of Chittoor District, A.P. in the year 1994 with an intake capacity of 25 members each. The objective of the Old Age Homes is to take care old age people above 60 years of age who are neglected in the families, poor who cannot afford to live for them selves, deserted, widows and widowers. The direct services of the old age homes are provision of shelter, adequate clothing, medical assistance, counseling, physiotherapy, entertainment and socio, psychological, emotional support. Both the old age homes are being managed professionally by experienced Social workers, Nurses and part time medical officer. The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (MSJE), Govt. of India is supporting this project.

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