15 Bedded Drug De-Addiction-cum- Rehabilitation Center


  • Daily waged coolies, Factory workers & agricultural laborers
  • Rickshaw pullers & Auto Drivers
  • Class IV employees
  • Small business people
  • unemployed youth
  • College student.


Developing a comprehensive facility incorporating initial client contact and counseling, admission and detoxification services, group sessions, family counseling and sessions, individual assessment and social rehabilitation.

It is also established criteria for basic standards of services for drug treatment and HIV/AIDS care through network efforts. Assessing and formulating income generating programmes which are locationally appropriate and manageable by recovering clients.

The Organisation arranged facilities to strengthen the process of reference and relationship with programmes with similar objectives.


An assessment and review of existing services were conducted with the project staff to get a comprehensive idea of what the staff persive to be the projects priorities and what steps could be taken to achieve this.

Subsequently, afield assessment was conducted through spending time in areas where drug users “Hangout”. Interaction with injecting drug users to gain respectives on existing treatments will establish valuable feedback on how services are view by client.

The Organisation also initiated one year programme for drug users incorporating:

  1. Acceptance of the problem and a desire to manage it,
  2. Acceptance of the terms of the programme by the client,
  3. Criteria for admission,
  4. Spiritual, physical, mental and social rehabilitation with a gradual increase in accepting responsibilities in decision making, handling of money, peer counseling and various types of out reach work,
  5. Participatory sessions on the prevention and care of drug abuse,
  6. Development of income generating programmes.
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