Residential Special Training Center (RSTC)

Project Objectives

The Govt. of India has launched Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan for Universalisation of Elementary Education (SSA) aims at providing useful and relevant elementary education in the Age group of 6-14 years under implementation of right to education – Free and compulsory education a right of all children from 6-14 years of age to the goal VEE. The RSTC established under DPEP- Rajiv Vidya Mission support (RVM) and provided special education to the school dropouts 50 children, as per the scheme norms. The syllabus , all the inputs provided with the qualified trained, staff, after their evaluation all the eligible children got admission / mainstreamed in formed schools. NGO got an opportunity to implement the noble scheme RSTC and provided the special training to the needy & eligible school drop out children.

Success Stories
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