Street Children

Project Objectives

  • To provide sexual health, STI, HIV/AIDS Prevention services among vulnerable street children.
  • To create enabling environment for the stakeholders to reduce the STI, HIV/AIDS, stigma & discrimination and increase the access of health education and other livelihood services to street children.

Target group/Beneficiary

(Abundant, Orphan, Missing, Vulnerable Children), Covered 50000 children above in 8 years 1999 to 2004 in Tirupati – Andhra Pradesh.

Beneficiary issues / problems

Health, Education, Social & self stigma, discrimination, lack of health seeking behavior, drug addiction, shelter, clothing other livelihood services to the street children.

Project Activities

Awareness, Education, Counseling, Treatment, Therapy, Psychosocial support, Nutrition, Health, Vocational Training, Child Rights, Networking, Linkages, Advocacy, Supportive & Referral Services, Capacity Building /Skill Building, Life skill Education and Mentoring Services for Two decades in Chittoor and other Rayalaseema Nelloore District.

Project Area

Tirupati and covered Tirumala, Renigunta, Puttur, Tiruchanoor, Chandrbgiri places in Chittoor District in Andhra Pradesh.

No. of Beneficiaries

  • Street Children – Abondent, orphan, Missing, vulnerable neglected, deserted, High risk children more than 50000 children in 5 years.

Source of Funding



Organisation provided all real & felt needs of street children, in addressing sexual health needs apart from non-sexual health rehabilitation services by creating enabling environment to sustain the project from 1999 to 2004. Due to shift / withdraw the funding the project was stopped. The organization is providing the emergency needy services to the children with the support of local stakeholders. Planning to provide all need based services with the support of external donors philanthropists.

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