Short Stay Home(SSH)

The Short Stay Home(SSH) was established in the year 1991 at Tirupati. The purpose of establishing SSH is to provide immediate relief, psychological support and assistance to the women in difficult circumstances. Most of the inmates are unwed mothers, victims of family discard, women victims of domestic voilence and girl children facing sexual abuse. The home can support 30 women at a time. The direct services provided in SSH are free food, shelter and security. The support services include counseling, health checkups, and reunion with family, vocational training and referral services for job placement in different sectors.

A Superintendent, counselor, Training Rehabilitation Officer, is managing the project. Since 1991, more than 1500 women & girls were benefited. During the period 2010-11 No. 58 of women availed the services. The CSWB – Dept. of Women and Child Development Govt. of India is supporting this project.

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